Website Maintenance

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Professional Website Maintenance & Support Services

Don’t you get enough time or lack the technical expertise to manage/update your website?

PmslTech offers cost effective website maintenance services focused on taking the hassle out of managing your website. With us, you won't have to worry about managing your website anymore; so you can focus on growing your business. Whether you need once-in-a-while text/image update or a landing page design for new discount offer or daily security updates to protect your user data, we are here to help.


Application/ product testing, support and integration

Bug Fixing

Website/application bugs identification, verification and isolation of critical issues


Advanced design updates, embed audio and videos files, and link to online resources

Landing Page Design

Creating new landing pages with exclusive deals & offers for marketing

Layout Design

Modifying existing logo, layout, header, footer and new design recommendations

Text/Image Updates

Adding, updating, resizing, cropping, or deleting any text/image on your website

Website Malware/Virus Scan & Removal

Real-time website malware/virus scan and threat removal, website security tips

SEO Updates

Modifications to keywords, page titles and other meta data, sitemaps, URL restructuring