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No Limitations

No security fees or commitment required. We do not require a minimum quota that you must meet per month or year. We value every single client referred, and will gladly work with agencies that refer one client every year or one-hundred.

Preferred Payment Options

You can cash in your commission on daily, weekly or monthly basis. There is no limitation when you can withdraw your earning.

Guaranteed Up-front Payment

You get paid immediately when the client makes their first payment. No hidden terms & conditions, no cash-out minimums, or any nonsense.

Unlimited Earnings

Our projects range in price from $500-$100,000. No matter how small or big the project is, you will still earn 15%. There is no cap on your earnings.

Why join our partner program?

By becoming our partner, you get to focus on what you love most: “Sales”, while we become your technical arm.

We’ll take away the hassle of hiring an expensive team, setting up a management, paying them salary & additional benefits while complying with expensive labor laws from you. We know what you do best and want you to solely focus on your strength while we focus on ours: “Design & Coding.”

FAQ for partners

Will PmslTech contact my clients beyond my knowledge?

  • Our business model is to create a platform that serves designers and design agencies. Our success is built on partners, so we will not endanger that relationship under any circumstances.
  • Our agency contract will specifically prohibit PmslTech from doing design work for a client without the express written approval of their Agency Partner (in cases where you need our help).
  • We will provide design work to our own clients, and only to your clients if you request our assistance.

Does PmslTech require an exclusive contract or quotas?

  • PmslTech will strives to create a meaningful partnership that provides value to our partners and their clients, so that we earn your business through the superiority of our service. But we will not require agencies to sign exclusive contracts.
  • PmslTech does not require a minimum quota that you must meet per month or year. We value every single client referred, and will gladly work with agencies that refer one client every year or one-hundred.

When can I get my commission?

  • Upon receiving a payment from your referal.

Why wait? Start earning money now.

Amazing Customers Who Trust Us

We believe that happy customer reviews are critical to our business and make us more trustworthy in general.
You can see what our clients have said after working with us day after day.

Dhiren gave me exemplary service, and I'm glad to have worked with him. He came through with everything he said he would, and at times gave even more than I asked for.

Dr. Glenn Francis Drglennfrancis, Inc

"Hi, my name is Dr. Darlene Allen Nichols and I've the pleasure of working with Pmsl Technology. They designed my website and they did a phenomenal job. From start to finish, I had no worries, no concerns.


PMSL Technology did an impressive job in improving the company’s website. My initial concerns disappeared after I experienced their responsiveness and their ability to resolve the issues we had with our website.


I have worked with Dhiren Ray on a variety of projects. He is Incredibly responsive, extremely patient, and most importantly talented. Myself and the entire team I work with were all very impressed by the end product.


I want to say Thank you so much for all your help with developing my website. Sonali, you and your teams dedication to my requests were impressive and the responding time was really fast!



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