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Do you know; what is the best way to attract customers to your business?

Yes! It is the paid advertisements that quickly help in gathering the attention of your potential customers for your products or services. Our Paid Advertorial strategy includes various paid channels such as, Google AdWords, YouTube Ads, Product Listing Ads, Bing Ads, Amazon Ads and Ads on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Pinterest to reach out to the customers on a global scale.

As there are a number options where you can publish your paid advertisement, it may become a bit confusing at times as to which one would suite better to your business, when to publish the advertisement in order to get the maximum impact and which pack to choose (if any available). PMSLTECH will help you figure it all out and produce advertisements which will allow your business to grow by reaching out to a lot of people.

Google Ads

Drive relevant, qualified customers with an ad at the moment they are searching for products/services similar to yours! And only pay when they click to visit your website, take an action or call.

Bing Ads

With less competition and cheaper cost-per-clicks, more granular control at the campaign and ad group levels, better device targeting options, Bing Ads offer a lot of advantages for SMBs that Google

Facebook Ads

With Facebook Adverts, you have potential to deliver your ads to 1.4 billion users. Choose the type of people, location, age & interests you want to reach and we will deliver your adverts to them.

Twitter Ads

Twitter’s robust targeting options can help your ads get in front of millions of people who are interested in your product/service whether you want to reach a niche group or connect with a global audience.

LinkedIn Ads

Drive new customers to your website or landing pages, who matter most to your business on a budget that works for you. Our Linkedin Ads management team gets your message out on every device: desktops, tablets and mobiles.


Reconnect with people who have visited your website or used your paid ads before but didn’t make a purchase. Our Remarketing Ad service prepares and shows them most relevant ads on web, mobile or even if they search in Google.

Amazing Customers Who Trust Us

We believe that happy customer reviews are critical to our business and make us more trustworthy in general.
You can see what our clients have said after working with us day after day.

Dhiren gave me exemplary service, and I'm glad to have worked with him. He came through with everything he said he would, and at times gave even more than I asked for.

Dr. Glenn Francis Drglennfrancis, Inc

"Hi, my name is Dr. Darlene Allen Nichols and I've the pleasure of working with Pmsl Technology. They designed my website and they did a phenomenal job. From start to finish, I had no worries, no concerns.


PMSL Technology did an impressive job in improving the company’s website. My initial concerns disappeared after I experienced their responsiveness and their ability to resolve the issues we had with our website.


I have worked with Dhiren Ray on a variety of projects. He is Incredibly responsive, extremely patient, and most importantly talented. Myself and the entire team I work with were all very impressed by the end product.


I want to say Thank you so much for all your help with developing my website. Sonali, you and your teams dedication to my requests were impressive and the responding time was really fast!



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