Since its development in early 2000s, OsCommerce has become one of the most popular e-commerce software for the management of the online ecommerce businesses. Developed by Harald Ponce de Leon, as a side project, OsCommerce has slowly gained popularity in the e-commerce world and by 2015 it had as many as 220,901 websites using the software.

OsCommerce or “open source commerce” is based majorly on PHP and is an open source solution as well as it is self hosted giving the merchants an opportunity to upload as many products as they desire to do. It is also equipped with loads of free add-ons which further enrich the e-commerce experience of the users. Being 15 year old software, it has a strong community based support team which is always ready for customer service.

PMSLTECH has trained professionals who are well educated in the OsCommerce front. They will help you to create an awesome e-commerce platform based on the OsCommerce software, to select and add the perfect add-ons that would benefit your business and ease the shopping experience of your customers which will make them come back again and again.

Compatible with all PHP versions

Default Multilingual support

Email & Newsletters Integration

Account Management

Payment Module

Header tags and SEO URLs

Product Search Tool

Order Management

Shipping Module

Currency and language options

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