Advantage Handyman Services

Advantage Handyman Services, established in 1999, is leading handyman service provider in Charlottesville, Virginia since 15 years. Known for quality, reliability and safety, Advantage Handyman Services provides an array of services including regular handy man services as well as complete home renovation service under its kitty.

The Challenge

Though in service for more than 10 years in Charlottesville Area, Advantage Handyman Services failed to keep up with ever growing online competition and thus struggled to generate quality online leads as well as sales. That’s when Advantage Handyman Services team hired Pmsl Technology after a brief round of interviews to increase their quality leads as well as sales.

Our challenge was to discover the reason behind fall in leads as early as possible and expand local online branding portfolio among customers from Charlottesville area and surroundings.
  • 76%
    increase in local customers from Charlottesville area only
  • 63%
    increase in quality leads
  • 45%
    increase in sales

The Strategy

Advantage Handyman Services expanded its local branding portfolio in just a month and began to get quality leads again from the 2nd month itself. Where do we put our minds to get there?

  • Used online survey in Charlottesville area to gather information about the industry niche.
  • Used email marketing to collect valuable response from existing customers and those who used its services before.
  • Based on data from online survey, email campaign, GA & GWM, tested a new website design with current design in Google Website Optimizer.
  • Leveraged brand mentions through various social channels and small AdWords campaign.
  • Used responsive design, changed the structure and content of the website.
  • Managed the launch of the new site via social channels
  • Managed local SEO campaign though proper on-page, blogging, and local citations.
  • Educated AHS team about proper local completion.
Services Used:
  • Local SEO
  • Social media
  • Lead Generation

The Result

Since then, results have been phenomenal for Advantage Handyman Services team.