My OpenCart Website is Displaying Following Message: “Allowed Memory Size Exhausted”

These kinds of errors happen because your hosting/database memory is not enough to execute the PHP code(s) (due to uploading large uncompressed images, upload/deletion of lots of products, sending bulk emails etc). Just increasing the memory allocated for PHP will solve the issue. typical error variant(s): Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 536870912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 47200 bytes) in […]

Why am I seeing blank white pages or 500 Internal Server Error in my OpenCart website?

Blank white pages is a PHP error. For some reason(s), the typical error message doesn’t show up because your server is not configured to display the error(s). While 500 Internal Server Error means something has gone wrong at server end but it is unable to specifically state what the exact problem is. The similarity between […]

My Shopify store is too slow. How can I improve loading speed of my Shopify website?

Websites that load fast rank better in Google search results. Officially, Google has announced that from July 2018, it will include website loading speed as a ranking factor in mobile search results. Therefore, it is imperative for business owners to have a Shopify website that loads fast. As Shopify doesn’t allow access to most of […]

There are a lot of duplicate title tags in my Shopify store/website. How to address the issue?

Shopify automatically generates multiple URLs for same product item which leads to duplicate page title issue under HTML Improvements section in GWT. In some cases, Shopify is seen to generate more than 8 URLs for a single product too. This issue can be solved by the use of rel=”canonical” tags. If Google is searching your […]

My Shopify Store isn’t appearing at all in Google search. I don’t know what is wrong with my store. What should I do?

Install Google Webmaster Tools on your Shopify website. Google Webmaster Tool or GWT is a handy tool that can provide you a lot of information about Google crawling and hence, crawl errors, server DNS errors and possible SEO problems with your site. While crawl errors will let you know about all the errors Google found […]

How do I install Shopify?

Shopify is a web-based ecommerce software that is self-hosted. This means, you don’t have to worry about web file hosting, Shopify software installation, upgrade or maintenance. Just purchase a suitable domain and we can do the rest for you.