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Free website: advantages and disadvantages

Free website setup guide” is a popular Google search term. This is not surprising, because why would you pay for a website because it can be useless? However, free websites have obvious shortcomings. Want to know what they are?

Free website

Create a website with free software. For example, only 10 years ago it was reserved for selected IT enthusiast clubs and is now available to anyone. With free website software, anyone can cut and paste their own professional website. So why pay, when can I use a free website?

Biggest advantage

One big advantage of a free website is that it is free. Create your own free website. This is what many Internet Service Providers are now offering to you. Of course, creating a fool website sounds great!

Many disadvantages

but? There is only one small obstacle. You cannot compare services and you will receive free or paid websites. No insurmountable problems?
It depends on the importance of the website to you:

1. Free website with your own domain name

If you use the free website software to create a free website, your domain name will not be attached. Your website will appear in the URL, for example:

This non-specific and hard-to-remember URL will reduce your visibility in search engines. It’s hard to find your website in search engines. Even if you provide a specific title for your website. Search engines such as Google prefer to easily remind URLs.

So, you have a free website but can’t see it on the internet. Your web visitors are most likely to lose when searching for you. If you want a web visitor, it’s wise not to use a free website without your own domain name.

Instead, choose to invest a little to buy your own domain name and link your domain name to your free website.

A free website with your own domain is definitely a better choice. First, you can increase the visibility of search engines like Google. Your domain name (website title) is a specific and easy to remember URL. Second, publishing new content on a regular basis will further increase your visibility.

2. No unique email address

Free websites do not contain emails. So your email and website don’t have a link. The email will go to your free Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo email address, for example:


Instead of promoting your business, you can advertise their ads. The question is whether you want this or not, if you want to be visible on the search engine.

Associate your own domain with a specific and unique email address, for example:

Info @ yourwebsitename.com

This way, you will receive the mail directly in your mailbox. In addition, your brand will be promoted every time you send or receive an email.

3. Free website hosting, no warranty

Free websites do not guarantee reliable web hosting. If you have a small blog as a hobby with few visitors, it’s usually not an insurmountable problem.

If you have an online business and rely on the internet, then offline sites – even for a few minutes – are not advisable. You need professional and reliable web hosting and 24/7 uninterrupted internet connectivity.

4. Does not include free support

If you have problems maintaining your website, you can get help. Unfortunately, free websites usually do not include free support. Quite the opposite: you have paid for it and may often be happy with your support.
It is important to fully understand the potential pitfalls of online website builders.

In most cases, you will use a template as a jumping point, and the number of designs that can be changed will be limited. Many of these themes require a lot of photography to look good, so you need access to high quality image resources.

There is no doubt that the best-looking examples of these companies’ galleries are developed by experienced professionals who are experienced in using this particular platform.Perhaps the most difficult problem is the issue of content ownership.

You spent countless days (and maybe even nights) working on your site, adjusting, adjusting, adding content and writing articles, logging in only one day and discovering that all of this disappeared. Not only is not available, but disappears. Here Team PMSLTech will provide custom websites which will be completely owned by the client along with Copyright free images and pics.

Many website builders’ terms of service outline their right to determine the ownership of “user content.” Yes, this means that in many cases you don’t own or control your content.

Did you know that all of these times you only need to check this box to agree to the Terms of Service when you sign up for an account? This is where you should take the time to read the Terms of Service.

With the exception of WordPress, most site builders cannot use a data-driven content system, which means that every page you create is independent, not stored in a database. The importance of this feature is the ability to easily backup or export the content of your website. When using a static website, the only way to move the content of the website is to do it manually. Think about it: copy, paste, and repeat. While this may not be too bad for small sites, migrating content-rich sites, especially those with a lot of image resources, may not be as interesting as root canals.
Paid websites are the best choice. You can always contact customer and technical support. There are no unpleasant surprises and help guarantees when you need it most.

5. Customizing your website is complicated

At the beginning, the advantages of a free website can be very interesting. Using an intuitive interface, no technical knowledge is needed.

When you get more web design knowledge and want to update your website, the problem begins. Modifications to existing web templates are not only inconvenient, but are often very expensive.

So, before you start using the site, ask you what your ultimate goal is. Is it still a hobby website, or do you want it to be your professional business? If you choose the latter, a free website with a fixed design template and presets is not the best option.

Free website or paid website?
We have no objection to creating a free website. If you use your website as a personal blog, this might be a good choice. However, if you need a professional website, you should consider more things:

Domain Name – If you want your website to be easy to find.
Email address – If you want to build a brand for your business.
Reliable web hosting – if you want your own website to be available.
Customer and technical support – if you need help in any difficult situation.
Custom – if you want to add site features.

Search engine optimization features.

For a while, online site builders like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace were terribly built, and it’s almost impossible for search engines to find your site and its content.

Changes have changed in recent months, and all of these services are now able to customize your URL, add alt tags to images, and create custom page titles and descriptions.

Searching for review sites, you may find many complaints about the lack of SEO tools, but most of them are before the software upgrade.

Although Wix, Weebly, and SquareSpace seem to have found this important part, many still don’t.

For those who have a marketing background and a little knowledge of the web and need to quickly build a website, website builders can be a great tool. And there are a few good options to do this. There are also many scary tools out there.

Self-service routes have many potential drawbacks. Choosing the right tool for the type of website you are building is an important decision and should be done after a lot of due diligence.

PMSLTech’s tech team will take care of all your pain areas and make your website as per the latest standards of SEO and Google.

How much do you have to pay?

Hiring a professional web designer can cost thousands of dollars. It will cost little to do it yourself, but 1) you are not a web designer; 2) you need to allocate enough time to get the job done.

The most important thing here is not to cut back on the budget. Already, you will save a lot of money by doing this yourself, but it is still challenging. It takes time and needs money. As a new business owner, you may already realize the precious goods of these two things.

Ask yourself if the benefits of a free website eliminate the drawbacks of a lack of service. Do you want a personal website with a small number of visitors, or choose a successful website that will grow with you in the future? In the latter, payment websites are the best choice. The choice is yours!

In conclusion:
Therefore, you need to find an experienced Website development company that is ready to support it through your project within your budget. They must be responsible for your projects and concepts to generate your business. Before you initially select the Website development team, you need to quickly query the developer’s portfolio skills, budget constraints, deadlines, and guarantees for ROI.

Looking for a Website development team? Come! Let’s discuss it with us here at PMSLTech!

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