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Now Satisfy Your Crave For Breaking News On Twitter!


According to a recent survey conducted over 4700 social media users, Twitter tops in providing the best breaking news worldwide among social media platforms. This micro-blogging site has vanquished all the global leaders in social media and has achieved the top most position.   Well if we go deeper into the statistics, nearly every nine out of […]

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A take on twitter and Google’s support to give it a raise


Twitter, the revolution that unexpectedly caught fire and raised to the top charts, beating the other social networks in the race which includes the most competitive and unbeatable Facebook. The most used site by celebrities all over the world, to communicate and connect with their fans. Being a microblogging site, it gained attention over days, […]

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Will the Buy Button Make Twitter an Effective Ecommerce Tool?


It is common for modern companies to use social networking sites to promote their products or services. Some companies even use social media to create and popularize online brands. But the new “Buy Button” announced by Twitter will now enable users to complete an entire purchase in just a few taps. Twitter announced the buy […]

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