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Increase Your Website Ranking by Allowing Googlebot to Access Your JavaScript or CSS Files


Nowadays, no enterprise can think of website development without using JavaScript and cascading style sheets (CSS). Despite being a simple and versatile client-side scripting language, JavaScript is used widely by developers to extend a website’s functionality, while reducing the bandwidth and stress on the server. Likewise, CSS makes it easier for programmers to change the […]

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Being a Slow Rollout Google Penguin 3.0 Initially Impacts Only 1% of Search Queries


The Penguin Update was launched by Google in April 2014 with the intention of freeing its search results from spamming websites. Since the initial launch, Google releases Penguin updates at regular intervals to deliver more relevant and updated information to users. On 17th October, Google rolled out version 3.0 of Penguin search algorithm update. Pierre Far, […]

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Google Switches from Knowledge Graph to Knowledge Vault


Google aims to organize the world’s information to make them universally accessible and usable. So it frequently updates its search algorithm to deliver more relevant and valuable information to users. The Knowledge Graph was developed by Google to recognize search queries as a separate entity beyond a string of keywords. The Knowledge Graph includes information […]

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Using Google App Indexing and Bing App Linking to Promote Your Mobile Apps


To make its mobile apps popular, a company has to constantly explore new ways to generate thousand of downloads on a daily basis. Like websites, a mobile app can also be promoted on major online search engines like Google and Bing. But promoting websites on search engines are tricky and  time-consuming. The company also does […]

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5 Social Selling Techniques to Make Salespeople More Proactive


With more and more customers conducting pre-purchase research online, social selling has become essential for each business regardless of its size and geographical location. But a business has to customize its social selling strategy by mapping sales techniques into a new environment. The enterprise, however, it not required to invest in any expensive tools. All […]

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Listen Now Ads: New Music Ads From Google Within Knowledge Search Graph Being Tested


Yes, you heard it right! Google is testing these all new “Listen Now” Ads on platforms like Spotify, Rhapsody and Beats Music, similar to “Watch Now” Ads that appear to movie and TV show searches back in February. According to Google, these ads will only simplify the purchase process more for consumers. What are Listen […]

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5 Benefits of Social Selling a Business Would Be Crazy to Miss


Before the era of advent of online social networking platforms, people use to buy a product or service based on the recommendation of their friends, family or coworkers. But online social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have made it easier for modern people to gather information about the product or service they are planning to buy. Nowadays, some people […]

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Five Effective Ways to Protect Your Website from Negative SEO Attacks


Despite investing in expensive search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns, many businesses are struggling to prevent the Google ranking of their websites from dropping. Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s web spam team, constantly advise website owners not to promote their websites by building low quality links and buying links. The frequent search algorithm changes by […]

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Creative Freedom to Personalize Your Facebook with Torch Facelift


Are you looking for a quick and hassle-free way to personalize your Facebook? Do you want creative idea to personalize your Facebook? Facelift, an innovative feature provided by Torch Browser now allows you to personalize your Facebook experience without putting any extra effort. If you have already installed the most recent version of Torch Browser, […]

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Why Paid Link Services can No Longer Boost Your Website’s Search Engine Ranking?


Does your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy still concentrate on generating more backlinks? Do you still believe backlinks can get you higher search engine ranking after the Google Hummingbird update? If you are yet to stay tuned to the right SEO techniques to beat Google  search algorithm updates, it is time to check the cheeky […]

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