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Steps to block hackers sending virus files through your facebook account


Internet fraud such as spamming, phishing, pharming and click fraud activities are constantly on rise on Facebook ever since with the rise of its popularity. With the ever rising figures of users, Facebook has become a haven for organized cyber crimes. Such suspicious activities might include……………..Though Facebook is doing lots of research to stop such […]

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Facebook launches “M”– it’s very own virtual assistant to compete with “Siri” and “Cortana” by Apple and Microsoft respectively.  Now why is “M” required and what can he do or what’s it significance all these things must be coming up in your mind. Well after reading this article hope you might get your answer. Well it will do […]

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5 Social Selling Techniques to Make Salespeople More Proactive


With more and more customers conducting pre-purchase research online, social selling has become essential for each business regardless of its size and geographical location. But a business has to customize its social selling strategy by mapping sales techniques into a new environment. The enterprise, however, it not required to invest in any expensive tools. All […]

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Facebook Graph Search and its utilitarian discomfort


As being the largest social network on earth, Facebook was due for a bigger and better. Now Facebook has come up with a solution which can ease the search result for the users who are searching for a particular person and service from a particular area. Whether it’s a advantage or embarrassment in user’s point […]

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