Archive: Month: May 2016

Google Plans to Swap Traditional Passwords with Trust Score on Android


A steady increase is being noted in the number of companies switching from password-based authentication mechanism to protect keep the users’ devices, applications and data secure. In February, MasterCard enabled users to authenticate their online purchases with fingerprints or selfies. Likewise, HSBC also replaced passwords with voice-recognition technology to combat targeted malware attacks effectively. Like […]

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Proper Way to Assess Security of Your Website


As highlighted by several studies, each website nowadays is vulnerable to targeted security attacks. There are many instances when targeted malware attacks compelled large enterprises to shut down their websites and mobile apps for a temporary period of time. Likewise, many cyber criminals nowadays use websites as a tool to distribute malware. Hence, it becomes […]

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Developing Modern Web Applications with MEAN Stack


A number of surveys have indicated a steady increase in the number of people accessing websites on their smartphones, tablets and phablets. Hence, it becomes essential for developers to adopt responsive web design to make the websites look good and accessible on both computers and mobile devices. Google further recommends web application developers and owners […]

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5 Responsive WordPress Themes 2016 – Built By PMSL TECHNOLOGY


WordPress unarguably is the most popular content management system (CMS) on the web. Ease of set up, editing & multiple usages such as Personal/Corporate/Brand Website, Blog, Portfolio or small scale eCommerce set up makes WordPress so much lovable among its users. And with the ever increasing popularity, themes powered by WordPress have also gained considerable […]

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7 Open Source Technologies for Creating Modern Web Applications


A number of surveys have highlighted that the number of people accessing websites on mobile devices are increasing consistently. The growing mobile web usage and massive popularity of mobile apps have completely changed the way web applications are planned and developed. The modern web applications need to run flawlessly on a wide variety of devices, […]

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What is Remarketing? How Google Remarketing Ads Can Do Wonders For Your Business?


Remarketing is an extremely powerful solution to show your ads to people who have visited your website or used your mobile app previously, but haven’t converted. Here conversion can mean; signing up for news letter, download a PDF or ebook, or simply make a purchase. You can also serve new offers to people who have […]

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How To Avoid CSS @import To Improve PageSpeed


The CSS @import is a process to import stylesheets or CSS files into another one. For example(1), if you would like to import style2.css file in your server to style1.css, the scripts in style1.css would include a @import script at the top like this: @import url(“style2.css”) Why avoid using CSS @import? During the loading of […]

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How To Enable Gzip Compression?


Gzip Compression is a simple, effective way to reduce the size of web files by almost 70% or more that allows web servers to provide smaller file sizes. It helps saving many bytes of bandwidth; hence taking less time to load your pages over all. And with Google’s strategy shift to mobile users, Gzip compression […]

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