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How to create a website for free?


You can use a website for a number of purposes – selling your products, promoting your business, facilitating prompt communication, and beat completion. Let’s find how to create a website for free? There are several content management systems (CMSs) available online that enable you to build and maintain a website without putting extra time, effort, […]

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Is Your Website 2017 Web Design Standard Compliant?


The landscape of user experience is constantly evolving and so do web design. Design that appealed unique & fresh the day before might seem outdated overnight. Trends that are once cast off can unexpectedly make a surprise come back to craze. Our guide is designed to keep you prepared for a web design ride through […]

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How to Create the Perfect Color Scheme for Your Website?


The user experience delivered by a website is impacted by its accessibility, functionality, usability, performance, searchability, and security. But each time a user visits a website, the first thing he notices is its color scheme. Hence, the website color scheme acts a powerful communication medium to deliver the right message to the visitors. In addition […]

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