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Why jQuery is more popular than other JavaScript Libraries?


Each web application developer nowadays has option to choose from several open source JavaScript frameworks and libraries according to his specific needs. But the usage statistics posted on various websites indicate that jQuery is currently more popular than other JavaScript libraries. Also, JQuery is currently being used by large companies like Google, IBM and Microsoft. […]

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12 JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries for Building Modern Web Applications


The usage statistics posted on various websites depict the massive popularity of JavaScript as a client-side programming languages. JavaScript, along with HTML5 and CSS3, is also used widely by web developers to build responsive websites that look good and deliver optimal navigation on both computers and mobile devices. But JavaScript is designed as a lightweight […]

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7 Open Source Technologies for Creating Modern Web Applications


A number of surveys have highlighted that the number of people accessing websites on mobile devices are increasing consistently. The growing mobile web usage and massive popularity of mobile apps have completely changed the way web applications are planned and developed. The modern web applications need to run flawlessly on a wide variety of devices, […]

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