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What do we need to know about Google Penguin 4.0 Update?


In April 2012, Google launched the first Penguin Update to prevent webmasters and digital marketers from increasing the search engine ranking of websites through black-hast SEO techniques like buying links from various link syndicates. The search giant has already released Penguin 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 2.0, 2.1, and 3.0 to dissuade digital marketers from promoting websites […]

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What is Remarketing? How Google Remarketing Ads Can Do Wonders For Your Business?


Remarketing is an extremely powerful solution to show your ads to people who have visited your website or used your mobile app previously, but haven’t converted. Here conversion can mean; signing up for news letter, download a PDF or ebook, or simply make a purchase. You can also serve new offers to people who have […]

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What Made Google, Facebook and Others Move to HTML5 Video?


After experimenting with HTML5 for four years, YouTube announced its decision to switch from Flash to HTML5 in January 2015. According to, “Over the last four years, we’ve worked with browser vendors and the broader community to close those gaps, and now, YouTube uses HTML5 <video> by default in Chrome, IE 11, Safari 8 […]

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A take on twitter and Google’s support to give it a raise


Twitter, the revolution that unexpectedly caught fire and raised to the top charts, beating the other social networks in the race which includes the most competitive and unbeatable Facebook. The most used site by celebrities all over the world, to communicate and connect with their fans. Being a microblogging site, it gained attention over days, […]

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Being a Slow Rollout Google Penguin 3.0 Initially Impacts Only 1% of Search Queries


The Penguin Update was launched by Google in April 2014 with the intention of freeing its search results from spamming websites. Since the initial launch, Google releases Penguin updates at regular intervals to deliver more relevant and updated information to users. On 17th October, Google rolled out version 3.0 of Penguin search algorithm update. Pierre Far, […]

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Why Past SEO Success of Older Websites will No Longer Affect their Search Engine Ranking


Many reports have highlighted how online users prefer innovative companies to the older and existing brands. The owners of older websites were confident that the change in the preference of online users will not affect their search engine ranking. The older websites ranked high on Google search results pages simply by avoiding black hat SEO […]

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