5 Social Selling Techniques to Make Salespeople More Proactive


With more and more customers conducting pre-purchase research online, social selling has become essential for each business regardless of its size and geographical location. But a business has to customize its social selling strategy by mapping sales techniques into a new environment. The enterprise, however, it not required to invest in any expensive tools. All it has to do is to make its salespeople more proactive. The salespeople have to be more proactive to convert social networking sharing into social selling.

5 Simple Ways to Convert Social Media Sharing into Social Selling

1) Send Clear and Unambiguous Messages 


To effectuate social selling, you must connect with the prospects in a transparent way. Instead of sending generic  messages that requests prospects to be a part of your social media network, you must send concise, simple and to-the-point invitations. The invitation must clearly describe your designation, organization and geographical location. When you connect with prospects in a more transparent way, it will be easier for you to convert them into customers

. offer-solutions

2) Offer Solutions

You must r emember that many people seek solutions for their business through online platforms. So you can always impress the prospects by providing relevant solutions. For instance, if a salesperson is looking for innovative ways to generate leads, you can suggest him relevant articles and links. You can even ask the professional to visit your website to read theblogs on how to generate sales leads. You provide relevant and valuable information to the prospects, and make them interested in visiting your website.

3) Stay Connected with the Prospects

A proper follow up plan is essential for converting the prospects into customers. You must stay connected with the prospects to understand their current needs. However, your communications must make the prospect realize your value and worth. It is a good idea to share relevant articles, news, case studies and blogs related to the person’s problems. The exchange of valuable information will make the prospect trust you for business transactions and dealings.

4) Don’t Forget to Include a Call to Actionquicker-response

Your communications must include a call to action to encourage the  prospects to visit your website. However, you will make the call to action ineffective by simply asking the person to visit your website to get additional information. There are always chances that your website may fail to provide the information required by the prospect. So you have to make the call to action more enticing by clearly mentioning what benefits the prospect can reap by clicking on the call to action link.

5) Follow up Each Prospect Properly

Instead of keep adding new prospects to you list regularly, you must make it a habit to follow up properly with each prospect. You can always get more online sales and inquiries by constantly following up a limited base of prospects. As part of the follow up strategy, you must share relevant and valuable content with each prospect. Also, you must check if the content or information shared by you was relevant to the recipient. The continuing conversation with prospects will result in a much higher conversion rate.

However, it is also important for each business to adopt social selling techniques as early as possible. Instead of asking its salespeople to learn and implement new social selling techniques, the business can ask them to raise their social profiles to get more inbound business inquiries and sales. PMSL Technology has already helped many international clients in implementing customized social selling strategies successfully to get more online inquiries and sales.

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Author by:Susan Das

Susan is a regular contributor to PMSLTECH blog. Over the last 5 years, Susan has successfully developed and implemented online marketing, SEO, and conversion campaigns for 100+ businesses of all sizes. In her spare time, she prefers to travel to a new place

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