26 Online business ideas that will boom your future growth


As of December 2018, the number of websites in the world was approximately found to be 1.94 billion. Also, there is no exact figure, but more than 100 million part time or full time freelancers over the globe are able to run their online business successfully.

Thus, there is no dearth of best online business ideas. And the benefits of online business seem to be great, making individuals embark on their own entrepreneurship journey and start monetizing your own money.

We are compiling here the list of 26 online business ideas for the ones who are ready to take the plunge. Just go through them, see which one of them connects with you, and start doing your own research. And get started with the simply the one you like.

1. Setting up an ecommerce site

If you set up an ecommerce store, you won’t have to deal with financial and logistical stress offinding financing options, space leasing, and hiring labor. On the contrary, you would have to all these things if you decide to open up a physical store.

Furthermore, ecommerce stores can amplify your earning capacity as unlike physical retail stores, they are always open 24×7. Online marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, and eBay and apps such as Depop, it has become much easier to sell any items online. Thus, it is one of the most lucrative online business ideas on this list.

Although, before you engage yourself in building the eCommerce business of your dreams, it is essential to realize that a website is one of the crucial components of an eCommerce store and hence, optimal web-developing is also required to develop an ideal eCommerce business.

However, you need to do hard work in order to stand ahead of competitors online stores and ecommerce websites. But, if you have the right blend of marketing techniques and your own unique USPs, you can easily boost the success rate of your ecommerce store.

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2.SEO consultant

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a method to improve the ranking of a website for specific search terms (keywords) in the results of organic search engines.

So, and SEO or digital marketing agency is given the task to improve the ranking of client’s website for generating visitors and therefore the leads by building backlinks and optimizing the whole website.

But, if you are not an expert at it, you should hire a web development and marketing agency that can design an SEO and user friendly website to help you advertise your services.

3.Getting started with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is usually referred to as a method to earn commission with the promotion of someone else’s product. There are two key ways of how affiliate marketing works:

Amazon partners: There are many affiliate marketers who got success with Amazon. You can choose from the list of millions of products, which is quite profitable.

Information products: In this category, you can promote products such as ebooks, video series, membership sites, etc. Such kind of affiliate marketing can help you earn over 50% or more as a commission.

With relative low entry barriers, it is easy for you to find products for promotion. Currently, Amazon is recognized as the well-known platform for affiliate marketing. However, there are various other alternatives as well. The affiliate marketing in combination with blogging creates a seamless mixture of promotion and content.

However, you’d be wiser to know that to build an effective affiliate marketing business, one needs a responsive website which serves one of the most vital roles in advertising your services. Hence, it is recommended that you hire a professional web-developing agency to build you your ideal website.

Tip: You should at least have some basic knowledge of the two most important things- SEO and copywriting.

4.Design a digital product or course

You can also monetize your skills or expertise by designing a digital product. It could be an online course also from which you can make money by teaching others. But, here you cannot get the advantage of Amazon in your course promotion.

You have to do the promotion yourself through your website, or with affiliate partnerships. You also need to have an attractive sales page ton convert your visitors into buyers. The designed digital course, regardless of how effective and useful it might be, needs a medium to efficiently reach out to the appropriate audience which can be done through building a relevant website.

Since your website will be handling a significant amount of data sets, it is recommended that you get it professionally built through a web-developing agency.

5.Learning Facebook advertising

Facebook is continuously growing and expanding and this is why more and more businesses are willing to spend more and more on Facebook advertising. But, the major problem lies in the fact that there are many old school businesses that are not familiar with the basic functionality of Facebook ads.

Even the startups, don’t have enough time when it comes to learning the Facebook ad basics in order to get the highest return on their investment on Facebook ads. As a result, they seek help from the Facebook ad experts. But, Facebook advertising is something you are able to learn pretty quickly.

After you gain the knowledge, you can connect with businesses to offer them help in creating Facebook ads that yield good returns. To individually advertise your expertise in Facebook ads, the most ideal solution is to build a website that is entirely dedicated to your services. This can be done by hiring a professional web-development agency.

6. YouTuber

From Snapchat Stories and Instagram to Facebook Live video, the popularity of videos is only going to grow. And plus, if your wish is to stay behind the camera, YouTube is the right platform to take advantage. Like other popular YouTube stars, you can also become a YouTube Star with a good number of subscribers.

YouTube goes just beyond live game streaming. It’s like an ocean full of opportunities for those who dare to learn something new. Although, even though you have YouTube as a platform, building another website dedicated to your art can be extremely useful towards gaining additional revenue.

Whether you need to get ad revenue or start a Blog, you can create a channel on YouTube to drive traffic to your site- and it’s the right time to get started. This will not only help you offer more quality content to your target audience.

7. Starting a blog

Today, it has become easier than ever to start a blog and get a big potential income source. But, this is only possible if you know how to monetize it.

You’ve to keep in mind that besides a blog, you want to convert the visitors into buyers. And for that you need to create and curate the content consistently across all the platforms.

In addition, you can use the blog to sell something like products, sponsored products, digital products, ebooks, etc. It is a well-known fact that blogs are curated basically on dedicated websites and to get the most out of your blog, it is recommended that build a website individually for your own blogs.

If you seriously want to earn good revenue, then you must use the right marketing tools and techniques to rank higher on search engines and increase your chances of cost per clicks. A professional digital marketing agency can help you achieve exactly the same thing you needed from your blog.

8. Accountant

Accounting has various niches, including personal finance, financial reports, bookkeeping, tax accounting, etc. So, pick your desired niche and then build a strong online presence to create and promote your website.

There are many small businesses and solo traders who seek professional help to manage their accounts. Thus, there is a huge potential to work in this field. In today’s era, the most ideal way to advertise your accountancy skill and to expand your global visibility, it is advised that you build out your own responsive website.

9. Developing Applications

It’s a very daunting task to launch a successful app, but there is no shortage of resources to help you get started. Be it developing android apps or iOS apps, the market is flooded with lots of productivity tools, games, and much more. There are lots of software developers who want to team up with app developers.

Tip: As the app market is currently facing a lot of saturation, you need to do the validation of your app. To make sure you are on the right track, you can also hire website development and marketing company that can create powerful apps for any platform, including the full-fledged marketing services.

10.Creating graphic designs

Graphic design is an ideal option for people belonging to the design or art background. But, even if you are not familiar with the field, you can easily learn it.

If you have ever seen a beautiful website design or a sales page that looks appealing, then you can easily realize the power of graphic design.

All you need is a visual thinking, a strong portfolio, and a specialization specific to graphic designing to become a good graphic designer.

To showcase your portfolio of creations along with your skills, it is recommended that you build your website with the intention of doing the same.

11.Social media consultant

However, social media is an ever-changing and time consuming, but it plays a crucial role in any business. So, as it is relatively difficult to manage, and most importantly, the capitalization.

Also, as this task is very consuming, most of the business owners like to outsource this task. Thus, it’s the best opportunity for social media fans. It’s an ideal business for you if you have the knowledge on using social media to achieve business objectives.

To better advertise your skill in today’s age of social media dominance, it is crucial to build out your own website and to do so efficiently, it is advised to hire a professional web-development agency.

12.Drop shipping

It’s one of the easiest ways to start your own ecommerce business that to without any need to purchase any products in advance. This process allows you to build and promote your own brand, while selling a lot of products across the world. You can do this without making any investment in manufacturing and warehousing costs.

You are also saved to pay inventory costs until it is purchased by an actual customer. The need for a website even in the business of drop shipping is undeniable. Hence, it is recommended that you seek guidance from a professional web-development agency for the same.

13.PPC Consulting

Have you ever seen those sponsored ads above your Google search results? These ads are a result of PPC (Pay per Click Advertising) in action. It’s a type of digital marketing wherein advertisers need to pay a specific amount each time a visitors click on their ad. In simple words, it’s how you can monetize money by buying each visit on your site.

To begin with PPC consulting, you first need to design a good website that can help it rank well in search results. Then you need to create and optimize your ad as per the specified guidelines.

This is where the role of a digital advertising agency comes into play. Be it a Facebook ad, Google AdWord, Pinterest ad and Twitter ad, experienced PPC specialists at a digital agency can help you achieve all your PPC related goals.

14.Create a niche website

The concept behind creating a niche website is to target a specific audience or niche (for instance, a specific kind of furniture). This is to rank the keyword on Google related to that niche and then convert that traffic into an income source through affiliate marketing.

As this category needs a lot of research, you can take the help of a website development company that is experienced in creating responsive websites related to any niche and can help you deliver the results in terms of prospects and sales.


It’s a brilliant way to make money for anyone who can easily handle the interesting topics suitable for Podcasting format. As you start growing your podcast, you also have the option to start selling your own products and provide paid sponsorships and services.

Podcast will make you capable of earning the listeners trust. This increases the possibility of buying what you want to offer. Since the podcasts are regarded as the minor niches of today’s generation, it is advised that you seek the help of a professional web-development agency to build your website dedicated to your podcasts.

16.Selling products on eBay

Though eBay is a bit old platform, people are still making a lot of money through it. You can start selling by doing a simple thing like visiting a local clothing store and purchase some clothing that has been put on sale.

Then, you can put them for sale on eBay at higher rates. And if this business seems to be profitable, you can reinvest more on clothing so as to receive higher returns on lower investments.

17.Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is referred to as an individual who is being paid to complete the job responsibilities of another individual. If you are a kind of personality that likes to stay well-organized, it is the best idea to choose virtual assistant service as your online business.

Being a virtual assistant, there is a freedom to choose your own clients and then manage their mails, book travel, schedule meetings, and finish other important tasks to make your clients’ lives easier. All you should have is an internet connection, a laptop, and a true passion for being an admin.

To ensure that you provide efficient services to your client, it is recommended that you build out your website to advertise your services.

18.Makeup artist

There are many makeup artists who have successfully begun their career online. You just need a strong portfolio and most importantly, a professional website to make everything moving.

With just a few free makeup sessions, you’ll be able to build a good online reputation. You can consult a digital agency to help you with your content marketing strategy to increase your brand reach and improve your online presence.

When you see that the business is progressive enough, you can start selling makeup products, customized tips, and makeup tutorials.

19.Music teacher

If you love playing musical instruments, then it is more likely that someone needs a music teacher. You can have your own website built for generating leads and teaching through Skype.

20.Business consulting

If you have a lot of knowledge in a particular field, then you possibly have the capability to become a highly paid online consultant.

You can easily turn all your know-hows to an independent business career consultant. You can speak at public or industry conferences and use your expertise in a specific field to create the strategy of the present business.

To better advertise your skills in the field, it is advised that you hire a professional web-development agency to build your website.

21.Lead generation assistance

Leads are the lifeblood of any business and this is why businesses are always looking out for a way to generate new leads.

You basically play the role of a matchmaker while assisting with the lead generation. You connect leads with businesses to help businesses turn them into sales, and ultimately the profit.

For the better functioning of your business, it is recommended that you build your own website through the assistance of professional web-development agency.

22.Proof reader

If you are fond of reading and not that much of writing, then the ideal option for you is to become a proofreader. Other people will send you their books, manuscripts, research papers, and whatever else you would love to read about. And also provide them with honest feedbacks before they are going to publish their work.

It needs utmost attention to every minute detail and proficiency in the field to make sure everything is perfect.

23.Copywriting & content creation

It could be one of the best online work options for you if you are in love with the writing. As you might know- Content is a king, most of the businesses are trying to create and curate high-quality write ups like case studies, blog posts, etc. Freelancing sites like Upwork.com is the right platform for finding the work.

24.Personal trainer

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or have the dream to rule the fitness world, choosing the personal trainer can be the right way to give a head start to your online business. You can start by just writing personal training plans or sell official fitness materials on personal training. Providing free video class and personal tips or advice on your own website are some ways you can build a good online presence.

25.Online Researcher

From infographics data research to aspiring startups market research, a talented researcher knows how to make money from their knowledge. This is a good idea as some people are already earning a lot because of their skills to research for the information online.

26.Travel Consultant

Travelling is the best passion for this age- and if you are more nomadic and crazier, then it’s much better. If you can organize and plan memorable trips while enjoying the process to create amazing daily plans, then you should definitely go for it. You can be a travel consultant who helps arrange unforgettable holidays for adventure seekers and enjoy doing your job.

So, choosing to start your online business is the best way to create lifestyle freedom in terms of finances. And now you have a huge list of business ideas that can be done online, you have a lot of options to start with.

Don’t pull it off for next time because you may have your very own successful online business.

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