20 Tips for Selling Your Products Online


Selling your products online is a tricky part. Even with great products, you may struggle to make sales. Dense competition and reducing customer attention makes this task even more uphill.

Opening an online store and stuffing it with amazing products alone cannot drive sales. To make sales on the internet your product must be easily visible and should be part of users’ daily interaction and communication.

The good news is becoming visible on internet costs little efforts and money. The plethora of social media channels and networking apps has made product promotion easy and effective.

If you are running out of ideas for promoting your products online then here is an expansive list of proven tools that boost your sales and bring your business into the limelight.

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest has emerged as a massive business influencer on the internet. 52% of Pinterest claimed that Pinterest helped them in finding products they want to buy while 30% of Pinterest users actually made an online purchase after going through Pinterest.

Pinners generally love to build wish lists and are exploring Pinterest to find the best product as per their requirements. So, it is critical to have your products on Pinterest.

But remember Pinterest is a highly competitive space and it requires carefully executed strategy to win customer’s attention on this platform. Pinners are attracted towards visually appealing images so make sure you upload a stunning product photograph.

You can also use Rich Pins to provide more product information so that consumers have more reasons to choose your product.

  1. Blogger Outreach

The first steps are always the most difficult ones to climb. Promoting your products to an online community is effective and affordable but creating this community of your potential customers on the internet is extremely difficult thanks to heavy competition.

Attracting followers is an uphill task for a beginner on the internet and to build your loyal fan base you need an external push. A mention by a reputed blogger or a review by an influencer does exactly the same as it allows your product to reach followers of that blogger.

Blogger Outreach is an efficient tool for promoting products when you are new on the internet and importantly it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket as well.

List the most popular bloggers in the segment your business works and reach to them to promote your product.  A review, a quick introduction or a subtle appearance of your product on the blog can drive sales and prove highly beneficial.

  1. Affiliate Programs

If you are looking for quality sales promotion without ripping apart your budget then affiliate marketing is your ideal savior.

Affiliate marketing is a mixture of brand promotion and direct sales through online channels. In affiliate marketing, people advertise your products on their blogs, video channels, and social media. When a customer buys your service or product through such advertisements, the respective person gets paid for generating a lead.

A unique URL is created for every person who is conducting affiliate programs for your business and you can easily track the sales that have happened through each of these links.

The best part of affiliate marketing is that you pay only when there is a sale. So, you don’t end up shelling out unnecessary costs and are able to boost business as well.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Ranking highly in search engine results is imperative for getting noticed by people.

Top-ranked search result has 35% click-through rate while top five search engine results account for more than 67% of all clicks. These numbers reflect the importance of ranking highly in search results and this is exactly what search engine optimization does.

Search engine optimization makes your website easy to access for search engines by aligning on-page elements such as keywords, title tags, header tags and internal linking according to search engine requirements.

SEO is a rigorous and continuous process but you can easily excel in this field by planning keyword strategy and by focusing on optimizing category pages.

SEO, in a nutshell, is about designing your website in a manner prescribed by search engines.

  1. Advertising on Reddit

Reddit may not be a popular advertising platform for marketers but it is surely worth trying while promoting your product. Importantly advertising on Reddit is cheap and has serious potential for generating impressive ROI. The fact that 1.66 billion users visited the site in December 2017 makes it hard to ignore while promoting your business.

Advertising on Reddit has its own rules. When advertising on Reddit make sure you add your sponsored post on a relevant subreddit. Great content garners eyeballs on Reddit so remember to add value.

Redditors dislike ‘on the face’ and loud advertising so the key to success on this platform lies in inserting your post as subtly as possible in between other subreddits.

Also, make your post is appealing to the audience. Offering a discount coupon or promotional offer may simply win you the reader’s attention.

  1. Use Instagram

This is 2018 and if you still aren’t using Instagram to promote your business then you are surely looking down the wrong end of the barrel.

In 2017, the number of Instagram’s active users propelled to 700 million, a staggering rise by almost 50% from last year but the stat that makes Instagram marketers’ favorite social media tool is its sensational engagement rate which is 10 times better than Facebook.

There are numerous ways of promoting your business on Instagram. From uploading pictures of your products and their features to running competitions, Instagram offers plenty of room to conduct creative campaigns. Instagram stories feature is effective too.

You can also tag with an Instagram celebrity and ask them to promote your products with an aim of tapping into their popularity.

  1. Include Facebook shop section

In its pursuit of attracting more advertising revenue, Facebook frequently comes up with cutting-edge features to woo marketers, the latest of them being Facebook shop section.

The Facebook shop section is an additional tab available on Facebook that allows businesses to list their products and services. This section allows businesses to showcase their products and engage with potential customers.

Product lists help in attracting more users and expanding business reach. With this feature, customers can buy your products and services without leaving Facebook. This direct interaction is instrumental in strengthening customer relationship and brand promotion.

Adding a shop section in your Facebook page is simple. Here is a complete guide that will help you in setting up a Facebook shop section.

  1. Utilize Facebook custom audience service

Why settle for mere advertising when Facebook allows you to do a lot more to promote your business on its platform?

Custom audience service is Facebook’s effective tool for amplifying gains from advertising. This tool allows businesses to target specific audiences so that penetration is higher and there are more chances of positive response from audiences.

Through custom audience service, you can select an audience group which is more likely to buy your product such as email subscribers, and focus on wooing them.

The ROI from custom audience service tool is generally impressive as the target audience is already interested in your services.

  1. Promote products through blogging-

Amidst stiff competition from latest social media platforms, blogging still remains a highly influential tool for online brand promotion.

About 36% of Fortune 500 corporations use blogging for promoting their products and engaging with customers while customers too are actively reading blogs as reflected in this stats which says 77% of internet users read blogs.

Blogging enables businesses to share valuable insights with their customers and results in building trust. Through blog posts, you can educate, entertain and attract customers for a longer period of time and create a solid identity.

But while blogging you must follow latest trends and focus on offering valuable and relevant content to customers as there is a strong dislike for spam and redundant content.

Images boost blog views so do not forget to mix appropriate images with words and do not hesitate to write longer posts. In fact Google prefers rich and detailed blog posts over short ones. According to reports top-ranked content in Google search results had 1,140-1,285 words.

  1. Become loud with Press-

Making yourself visible in the press is an amazing way of reaching out to more people. By getting publicity your business will create a buzz resulting in better product promotion.

Create an engaging press release and roll it out to the media. Getting the attention of mainstream journalists is tricky and an uphill task. Instead, focus on renowned bloggers from your field. Send them samples and connect with them personally to boost your chances of attracting them.

The publicity gained from a famed blogger can do wonders for swelling your business promotion online so do not miss out on press releases.

  1. Unleash potential of Uncrate-

Over 10 million page views every month makes Uncrate the ultimate platform to promote your products.

Uncrate’s forte lies in promoting unique, high-quality and cutting-edge products for a specific set of audience and this straightforward approach has made the site a global hit. Times magazine recognized Uncrate’s influence on its readers by including it in their list of 50 best websites of 2012.

Landing your products on Uncrate isn’t a cakewalk as Uncrate maintains high standards and is choosy about what they promote. Generally, amazing products are discovered by Uncrate itself but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t approach them for your product promotion.

If your product matches Uncrate’s requirements then go ahead and brief them about your product features and send them a sample too if you can.

  1. Open a Pop-up shop-

Pop-up shops are gaining a stronghold and have become a cool product promotion tool. Businesses across the world have accepted the tremendous potential of this $50 billion industry so its high-time for you too to join the bandwagon.

Pop-up shops are temporary retail stores which sell a particular set of product or brand. These stores operate for a short period of time and are generally more customized than traditional bricks and mortar retail stores which makes them more personal and results in deeper customer engagement.

These stores consume lesser investment as they function in smaller space and operate for a limited time. Pop-up stores are an effective solution for getting rid of old inventory and they function at low risk.

Pop-up stores pump fresh air into your product sales and help in creating a buzz around your business. You can get covered in local media and can also reap benefits of seasonal shopping.

  1. Start a contest

Great products alone cannot generate sales. Parity of market and immense competition can push your product away from customer’s visibility and the best way to avoid this is to be loud and relevant.

Running competitions lets you stay in front of your customers and helps in registering your product in their memories. Contests create excitement and can woo potential customers.

An efficiently executed competition does wonders for brand awareness but a poorly managed competition can backfire too. The key is to understand what moves customers and planning the competition accordingly.

Running a contest is cheap, less tedious and has impressive ROI. So, gear up and start planning.

  1. Referral Marketing

Word-of-mouth publicity is an age-old strategy deployed by marketers to boost product sales. The digital age where communication has become smoother and faster than ever before enhances the power of word-of-mouth marketing and allows businesses to amplify their sales with little investment.

In referral marketing, people share your product information and features with their friends and influence them to buy these products. Neilson report says people are four times more likely to purchase a particular product when it is referred by their friend and the same report highlights impact of referrals by concluding that personal recommendations and opinions are seen as most trusted advertising channels across the world.

In referral marketing, you ask people with solid online connections to recommend your products and pay them accordingly. This allows you to reach a wider set of audience and become more valuable and trusted.

  1. Shoot emails

Emails are an affordable and fast-paced tool for contacting potential customers. By creating a customized email campaign you can attract a larger pool of people effectively and instantly.

You can send discount coupons, advertise new products and inform subscribers about an upcoming promotional campaign through emails.

If writing a well-articulated and powerful email sounds intimidating then worry no more as the market is full of services that offer automated campaigns specifically tailored to suit your needs.

Make sure you limit the use of emails for delivering valuable information to customers as email marketing can easily turn into spams if done haphazardly. And everyone hates spams.

  1. Product hunt

If your product is novel and has unique features that make it stand out from the competition then Product Hunt is the place to promote your product.

Product Hunt has a solid and expanding user base which is consciously seeking to explore, understand and buy products that deliver a refreshing experience and packs a unique punch. If your products and services meet the criteria, then go ahead and grab Product Hunt’s massive potential.

Just registering your product on Product Hunt won’t drive sales, the magic happens on the front page which attracts the most number of viewers.

To feature your product on the first page you should have more upvotes and comments. The top ‘Product Hunters’ have tremendous power and their upvotes yield better results. They also hold the privilege of submitting new products directly on the ‘featured’ page. Get in touch with a top Product Hunter and use their power to promote your product.

  1. Go to Periscope to promote your business

With 1.9 million daily active users Periscope is steadily becoming a giant in the social media arena. Savvy marketers have already started exploiting Periscope’s marketing potential and the time is ideal for you to join this platform to promote your business.

Through this live video streaming app, you can educate customers about your products and their uses.  Showing a live demo of your product and running a question and answer session with customers works well for spreading brand awareness.

To create excitement about new products you can have a live product launch. You can also rope in a celebrity and use their appearance to attract people.

  1. Pinterest Buyable pins

The next step in Pinterest marketing is Pinterest Buyable pins which can actually drive your sales and help in getting closer to your customers.

Through these buyable pins, pinners can buy your products through Pinterest itself resulting in saving time and reduction in sales leaks.

You can have your buyable pins on the web as well as mobile and can promote them so it is easier for buyers to find them and make a purchase.

Activating Pinterest Shopping channel is hassle-free. You need to just add the sales channel to your account and connect it with your Pinterest for Business account.

  1. Make the most of Youtube

YouTube with its 1.5 billion active users is the second most popular website in the world. It is world’s most popular video sharing platform and caters to all age groups and features a loyal user base.

This immense popularity makes YouTube a must-have tool for your product promotion. You can utilize YouTube’s popularity in several ways to interact with more people and to build solid customer relationships.

You can upload exciting videos of your products and or can simply run product advertisements on YouTube.  Uploading videos that help customers in knowing product features and other information help in creating a strong community on the internet.

Visual content is more influential than other content forms so a high-quality video on YouTube can create a massive difference during product promotion.

  1. Be a part of gift guides

Gift guides are becoming extremely popular as they are affordable, unique and convenient to shop for.

Just search unique gift ideas for any occasion on internet and the result page will show tons of creative ideas and gifts that suit the occasion. Most of these gifts are products that are valuable and relevant to the theme.

If nature of your product makes it ideal for gifting it to someone then why not include it in gift guides and reach a wider set of people?

Research on events and occasions in which your product can be offered as a gift and find out top gift guides for this particular segment. Contact them and ask them to include your products in their gift guides.

Give them a compelling reason as to why they should include your products. Remember your product must add some value and should make the gift look appealing.

This way you can push your products to newer set of people and promote sales.


There is no dearth of product promotion platforms on internet. The above listed tools are the best of the lot and are sure to deliver guaranteed results if utilized effectively.

Success of these tools requires critical understanding of your product, market and customers and a strategy that brings the right product in front of right people at the right place and time.  If you are a B2C business selling you products online, get in touch with PmslTech today! We are leaders in eCommerce marketing & branding since 2010.

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