7 Simple Ideas to Boost Your eCommerce Sales through Instagram

According to Nielsen’s  Social Media Report, “Generation X (ages 35-49) spends the most time on social media: almost 7 hours per week versus Millennials, who come in second, spending just over 6 hours per week. They’re female, 25% of their time online is spent on social media (vs.19% of males), and they reach across cultures.” Several […]

Universal App Campaign

What Advertisers Must Know about Google’s Universal App Campaigns?

An average consumer, nowadays, spends about 90% of smartphone time interacting with apps. However, a large percentage of consumers abandon mobile apps after one use. Therefore, it poses a marketing challenge to most enterprises as they must promote their apps by targeting relevant consumers to accomplish more downloads, improve user engagement, and generate more revenue. […]

Is Your Website 2017 Web Design Standard Compliant?

The landscape of user experience is constantly evolving and so do web design. Design that appealed unique & fresh the day before might seem outdated overnight. Trends that are once cast off can unexpectedly make a surprise come back to craze. Our guide is designed to keep you prepared for a web design ride through […]

color scheme for websites

How to Create the Perfect Color Scheme for Your Website?

The user experience delivered by a website is impacted by its accessibility, functionality, usability, performance, searchability, and security. But each time a user visits a website, the first thing he notices is its color scheme. Hence, the website color scheme acts a powerful communication medium to deliver the right message to the visitors. In addition […]

7 Simple Tricks to Make Google Love Your Website Content

Major search engines like Google change their search algorithm frequently to provide more relevant information to users. Some of these search algorithm updates are major, whereas others are minor. But each update affects the search engine ranking and visibility of many websites at a time. Also, the updated search algorithms always make certain search engine […]

7 Hottest Web Application Development Trends to Watch in 2017

The number of users accessing websites and web applications on mobile devices has been increasing rapidly. Each owner must optimize his website for varying devices, platforms, browsers, and user conditions to keep the visitors engaged. Also, he needs to focus extensively on the user experience delivered by the website to accomplish higher conversion rate. The […]